Live Classes

Although we believe that nothing is better than living in a country in order to learn its language (and understand its culture), NESE On-Line is extremely proud to have created live classes that very closely replicate the classes at NESE, Harvard Square. You won’t be in Harvard Square, but you will certainly experience the same high-quality award-winning classes that NESE is famous for because every aspect of NESE On-Line directly emulates NESE, Harvard Square. As you experience NESE On-Line, from the high quality of its teachers to the caliber of the curriculum, it will be more than obvious that what you are experiencing, is not just another online program, but instead a school- your school - that just happens to be on-line.

Because we recognize that students have different learning styles and different objectives, we offer several different types of live classes:

  • Private Classes
  • Group Classes
  • Interactive Self-Study System (with the option of supplemental live private classes)

In all of the above live classes:

  • You and your teacher will both see and speak with each other.
  • When your teacher writes on the classroom “board”, you will immediately see what she writes.
  • You will see and be able to see and speak with your other classmates (if you have classmates).
  • You can raise your hand to ask a question (your real hand and your digital hand).
  • You will have maximum exposure to authentic materials as soon as possible.
  • You will greatly enjoy yourself and learn a lot!

In some of the above live classes:

  • You will be given homework.
  • You will be given quizzes and exams.
  • You will have text books. If your course requires a textbook, you will see the name of your textbook when you register for the course. You can buy either an electronic version of the textbook on-line (often directly from the publisher), or a paper version from a local bookstore (if they carry it). The fee for your books is an extra fee. (Please remember that not all classes require textbooks.)