NESE On-Line:

A Wonderful Team of World-Class Educators

  • 羅伯特·拜爾先生(Robert Bier),工商管理學碩士哈佛大學工商管理研究所
  • 布萊恩·巴克利先生(Brian Buckley)哈佛大學教育研究所,教育學碩士
  • 崔慧珍女士(Hye-Jin Choi)耶魯大學建築研究所,建築學碩士
  • 蘇珊·鐸伯梭女士(Susan B. J. Dobso)女士哈佛大學教育研究所,教育學碩士
  • 理查·道文先生(Richard Downing)哈佛大學與藝術與科學學院,文學學士
  • 傑夫·弗朗索瓦先生(JeffFrançois)哈佛大學教育研究所,教育學碩士
  • 馬克·古瑞基先生(Mark S. Gurecki)哈佛大學教育研究所,教育學碩士
  • 瑪莎·霍爾女士(Martha M. Hall)哈佛大學教育研究所,教育學碩士
  • 托德·漢尼格先生(Todd Hannig)哥倫比亞大學師範學院,文學碩士
  • 約翰·哈特曼先生(John Hartman)波士頓大學教育學院,哈佛大學見習教師計畫,教育學碩士
  • 克里斯欽·霍蘭伯格博士(Christian Hollenberg)波恩大學工商管理學碩士、哈佛大學工商管理研究所

  • 潘諾斯·菲藍里諾先生(Panos Philandrinos)哈佛大學藝術與科學學院,文學學士
  • 愛德華·奎格利先生(Edward B. Quigley)哈佛大學教育研究所,教育學碩士
  • 阿欽·山科先生(Ashim Shanker)哈佛大學教育研究所,教育學碩士
  • 伊恩·辛恩博士(Ian B. Shine)劍橋大學,醫學士(M.D.)
  • 湯姆士·辛恩先生(Thomas A. S. Shine)耶魯大學建築研究所,建築學碩士
  • 法蘭斯·釵砍諾斯女士(Frances Tsakonas)哈佛大學教育研究所,CAS

Anna Shine, a successful and well-respected educator, holds a Master's degree in Education from Harvard University and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan. While studying at Harvard, Ms. Shine’s academic focus was the design and culture of successful schools as well as the characteristics of effective learning environments. Creating NESE gave her an opportunity to put theory into practice, and accordingly, she founded NESE, a school that is uniquely guided by its commitment to excellence. Almost 30 years later, she created NESE On-Line, an on-line school guided by the same principles that are the foundation of Ms. Shine’s educational philosophy.

Ms. Shine's experience includes teaching and directing English language programs in both the United States and Europe. She also developed and directed the English language program at the prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital. Ms. Shine was recognized for leading NESE by the Boston Globe, in its award for the “Top 100 Women-Led Massachusetts Organizations”. Ms. Shine was named #11 of these 100 leaders and notably, she was the only recipient who is an educator.

Ms. Shine is British but she has lived in the United States (Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts), Europe (Germany, France, England, Scotland, Wales), South America (Argentina, Brazil) and the South Atlantic Ocean (St. Helena). As a result, she is particularly sensitive to the problems, both linguistic and cultural, that a foreign student may have. And she knows, personally, why it is so important to understand a culture to learn its language. Her expertise, experience, and empathy have allowed her to create NESE, Harvard Square and NESE On-Line, schools that epitomize outstanding education and remain a leaders in their fields.

Because of its outstanding reputation, just like NESE, Harvard Square, NESE On-Line has been able to attract teachers who hold both undergraduate or advanced degrees from some of the top universities in the US, including Harvard, Yale, and Columbia.

NESE On-Line teachers have strong academic backgrounds and a mix of both domestic and foreign teaching experience.  They are dynamic professionals with exceptional teaching experience who have been selected to teach for NESE On-Line because of their high level of expertise and dedication.

We are delighted to have such quality professionals as part of NESE On-Line, but of course, we wouldn’t expect - nor present to you - anything less.